boom Booom: music from videogames 2014

fallin Engelstädter: fallin´, 2013

TheChristmasOrchestra The legendary RegensburgChristmas Orchestra 2013

xmas05 Weihnachtssongs aus RegensburgVol3 2011

xmas2 Weihnachtssongs aus Regensburg Vol2 2010

4029758969502 I Dolci Signori: fermare il tempo 2009

xmascover02 Weihnachtssongs aus Regensburg Vol1 2008

johnny Johnny Gold: Weihnachten in Las Vegas 2008

cd_web  I Dolci Signori: Attenzione! 2005

zickcd Zick-Sisters: Vol.4 2004

cd_sinatra The Blue Eyes BigBand: A tribute to Frank Sinatra 2001

atomicAtomic: Wonderland Boulevard 1998

cdlive JAM JAR: Love and Live, 1997

cd_wolpi Wolperdinger Singers: Gospels only, 1996

cdreal JAM JAR: real@jam, 1996

cdsaxn Saxndi: all together 1995

cdherbie Herbie Smith Department: spirit dancing in the sky, 1994

cdmagic JAM JAR: welcome to magic world, 1993

cd_grov_jazz Groovin´Jazz 1990